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Milk Bath


JUST like mother nature

Our customer favorites

The godish glow up shea butter formula

White cream in open jar top view with decorative green foliage. Organic cosmetics skincare

The shea butter blend is what started it all! Our formula is completely creamy and lasts all day on your skin!


Has organic jojoba, moringa, marula, argan, coconut, and vitamin E oils, all blended to perfection.


Helps to soften stretch marks, heal scars, psoriasis, and eczema.


And it absolutely beautifies the skin from head to toe. You will love this product for skin, and hair.

the african Black soap

The African Black soap is all natural and made in West Africa.

It has extreme antibacterial properties and can be used as a make up remover, as well as an all over cleanser .

Our African Black soap can be purchased in a bar, and also  in  liquid form. 

The high vibrations Glow Facial serum


This natural and organic facial serum is definitely one we are really proud of, and although we love and stand by all our amazing products, this serum is truly one of our faves!


The Godish Glow facial serum is anti-aging, with a light, refreshing citrus scent that wakes up the skin. 

With all the benefits of vitamin C, such as neutralizing free radicals, enhancing collagen production, and brightening the complexion, you will quickly begin to see why this is one of our favorite products.

Plus, it's super concentrated so a little goes a long way. 

Naturally Sacred vibes

Three Women

Nature, vibes & the essence of the god glow experience 

We offer a vibe with our products. A true experience that you'll recognize to be even more beautiful than just using the products themselves.

We want you to have a whole pampered, sensual, and transformative, sacred experience with every use. Tap into the god glow within by setting the tone with our beautiful offerings.

The essence of aromatherapy, and your own healing hands will create an unforgetable vibe. 

The ultimate God Glow experience includes candles, a nice glass of wine, flowers, and some great background music.

It's truly a vibe!

we care about your skin

Lingerie Models

The great thing about our bath and skincare line is that it can be used by all skin types! There are no harsh chemicals added so if you have sensitive skin, we've kept you in mind while during our development. 


We didn't want to leave anyone out and because of that, everyone loves our natural & organic products. You will find any of our products to be something that men, women, and children will absolutely love.

They are for anyone who enjoys, and can appreciate the pampered lifestyle!

"This skincare is phenomenal! The scrubs, butters, and oils left my skin glowing, and constantly complemented. This is one skincare/beauty line you want to invest in!"

chrissa farrell,florida

THE divine feminine ENERGY

We understand the importance of self care for all. It's very neccesary now more than ever, that we take time out for the sake of our own mental health and wellness. 


When creating our products, we took into consideration that the divine feminine goddess desires holistic pampering. 

Our products are formulated with natural & organic ingrdients that promote healthy healing of the body.

Beautiful Skin
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"I've always been the example of what I sell. I love myself so what I put on my body, and in my body is extremely important to me.

If I don't use it on my own beautiful body, I would never sell it to anyone else."